Godless Gospel singers

The Godless Gospel Project

is a group of freethinkers — atheists and agnostics — performing a nonreligious and humanistic message in modern and traditional “gospel” styles of music.

The project will involve recording an album, filming a music video, and performing a number of live concerts.

We are looking for choir members and soloists who can sing with a “gospel choir” sound. 

Current song titles include:

• Joy To The World (there is no god of judgment and hell)
• I Believe in Honesty
• I Don’t Need Jesus
• Life is Good!
• You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed (of who you are)
• Let’s All Give Thanks (where thanks is due)
• The Natural World

Godless Gospel
Godless Gospel musicians at first rehearsal: Aaron, Andre, DeAngela, Charles, Amos.

Audio Credits:

  • “You Don’t Need to Be Ashamed,” by Andre Forbes. © 2022 by Andre Forbes
  • “Life is Good!” by Dan Barker. © 1992 by Dan Barker. ℗ 1992 FFRF, Inc.
  • “Let’s All Give Thanks,” by Dan Barker. © 2022 by Dan Barker. ℗ 2022 FFRF, Inc.
  • “I Believe in Honesty,” by Andres Forbes. © 2022 by Andres Forbes.
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