Godless Gospel 

is a group of freethinkers—atheists and agnostics—performing a nonreligious and humanistic message in modern and traditional “gospel” styles of music.

The project involves recording an album, filming a music video, and performing a number of live concerts.

We are looking for choir members and soloists who can sing with a “gospel choir” sound. 

Current song titles include:

“Joy To The World” (there is no god, no heaven or hell)
“I Believe in Honesty”
“I Don’t Need Jesus”
“Life is Good!”
“You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed” (of who you are)
“Let’s All Give Thanks” (where thanks is due)
“The Natural World” (is good enough for me)

Godless Gospel
Godless Gospel musicians at first rehearsal: Aaron, Andre, DeAngela, Charles, Amos.

Audio Credits:

  • “You Don’t Need to Be Ashamed,” by Andre Forbes. © 2022 by Andre Forbes
  • “Life is Good!” by Dan Barker. © 1992 by Dan Barker. ℗ 1992 FFRF, Inc.
  • “Let’s All Give Thanks,” by Dan Barker. © 2022 by Dan Barker. ℗ 2022 FFRF, Inc.
  • “I Believe in Honesty,” by Andres Forbes. © 2022 by Andres Forbes.
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